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Wall Art

We Produce Printed images that can be hung and admired above a fireplace, on an office wall,  your desk top or just to carry in your wallet. Our wall art does not require electricity to be admired.  Our products are not limited by size. They can be used for any size image you desire, even a life size wall Portrait.

Musician session at 915 Mateo St. Studio 111

Studio and On Location

We are not just a portrait Studio we offer the following services:

  • Conventional portraits.
  • Nonconventional portraits.
  • Action portraits.
  • Sports photography.
  • Events.
  • Still film set photography.
  • Theater set photography.
  • Head Portraits (not your conventional head shots).
  • Time lapse videos.
  • Photographer second shooter.

Time Lapse Videos


We offer production of time lapse videos. Our definition: A video of an event that moves rapidly through time and covers the entire story in 30-60 seconds not 30-60 minutes.

For Instance:

Promoting different business services: business help, photography, catering, musicians, concerts or a preview of anything you want people to understand or experience quickly.

Creating memories of events such as weddings, reunions, birthdays, ........your video-your choice.

In Addition: Time lapse is very entertaining  and a great addition to any regular video.

And lastly, for the film industry, we can produce time lapse scenes to be used to promote or enhance your project.